Traditional Maharashtrian Chinchpeti Moti Necklace Long Chinch Peti 3 Line AJP2023-250


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Jewellery makes an integral part of Indian tradition. Necklace set holds an important position in Indian women’s accessory collection. This jewellery piece has its existence since ancient time, earlier people used to create a necklace of natural material. But now in the modern time necklace are crafted from various metals. Neck jewellery is available in traditional necklace set, pearl necklace set, tanmani and chinchpeti necklace set.

Traditional jewellery like temple jewellery or Maharashtrian Kolhapuri jewellery are the most trending necklaces among women.   a one-stop destination for buying traditional jewellery. Additionally, we have made the online purchase an easy task for buyers. You can select your favorite traditional jewellery or any artificial jewellery online at our website.

Indian traditional necklace set is available in a beautiful range of designs and pattern. The designs of ethnic necklace set vary as per the tradition and culture of different states in India.  Here, we offer wonderful collection of various traditional necklace set like:


The term ‘antique jewellery’ refers to ancient jewellery style or designs.  Antique jewellery has a dull and rough gold finishing featuring eye-pleasing intricate carving design on it.  Antique jewellery is embedded with ruby, emerald, diamonds or other semi-precious gemstones.  Antique short & long necklace is highly demanded in modern times because of its royal and mesmerizing look.  We offers wonderful collection in antique jewellery for women at best price.


Earlier temple jewellery set was used to adorn the idol of God and Goddess in a temple. But later this jewellery was used by dancer and then the tradition of wearing temple jewellery came into existence.  Traditional temple jewellery is made out of gold and it is embedded with semi-precious gems stones.  But nowadays imitation temple jewellery is available in the same designs, pattern and finish like real temple jewellery.  Temple short necklace set complements the traditional saree and lehenga. We presents temple jewellery online India at low price.


We Offer Traditional Maharastrian Peshwai Alankar Ornaments Jewellery, Pearl Necklace jewellery Collection with Various designs & Good quality Products.


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